Orvis Launches Groundbreaking Therapeutic RecoveryZone® Dog Beds

Orvis has been a pioneer in quality dog beds for a lifetime of health and wellness

MANCHESTER, Vt. (Aug. 1, 2023) Orvis, a leading retailer in home and travel dog products, fly-fishing and outdoor apparel today announced the launch of its new RecoveryZone® dog beds. The company’s most innovative dog bed yet delivers science-based rest and recovery for four-legged family members providing them with a lifetime of health of wellness. Orvis was the first company to commercialize the dog bed in the United States in 1977.

“We’ve built the best dog bed on the market for maximum rest and recovery,” said Brandon Jorgensen, product designer at Orvis. “We developed it over three years, evaluated 12 different prototypes and sought expert consultation from veterinary partners (and dogs) across the country. The result is a bed built on good clean science with one goal in mind – a long, healthy life for your dog.” 

The RecoveryZone® dog beds combine two foam densities, a four-inch medium-density solid foam base topped with a one-inch SereneFoamTM layer. The combination maximizes weight distribution, reducing pressure points and stress on a dog’s joints, muscles, and ligaments when laying down, and increases circulation, allowing dogs to recover faster. The one-inch SereneFoamTM layer creates airflow and breathability that better regulates a dog’s body temperature. The result is a more comfortable, better night’s sleep so your dog can recharge faster. 

The Orvis RecoveryZone® ToughChew® Couch Bed (Photo courtesy: Orvis)

“Just like us, rest and recovery are essential for dogs’ physical and mental health,” said Dr. Kurt Venator, chief vet officer at Purina. “According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, joint issues or osteoarthritis occurs in approximately 25% of dogs. That percentage grows as active dogs get older. Anything we can do to reduce pressure points, muscle soreness or reduce inflammation when they rest will dramatically help our dogs get back into action. Additionally, dogs sleep 12 hours a day on average, and it is critical for their brain health, overall metabolism, and even immune function. An optimal sleep environment that allows for ideal rest and recovery is key for a healthy, happy, and long life for your dog.”

Ideal for all sleep styles, the couch bed’s full-height, solid-foam bolster is gently sloped to support dogs regardless of where they lay their heads, while the lounger bed is perfect for dogs that like to stretch out in a go-anywhere shape. For easy care and longevity, RecoveryZone® beds have a machine-washable, water-resistant liner that keeps the bed protected. Human-grade, low VOC upholstery featuring fur-masking microtexture for easy cleaning and no-chew handles mean a bed that is built to last a lifetime.

RecoveryZone dog beds range in sizes small to extra large, price from $169 to $559, eight assorted colors and patterns, and ToughChew® and FleeceLock® styles. To learn more, visit Orvis.com.

About The Orvis Company: Founded in 1856, Orvis inspires the world to share and celebrate the adventure and wonder in nature. Orvis pioneered the mail-order industry in the United States and operates more than 80 retail stores in the U.S. Additionally, it maintains a network of over 400 dealers worldwide as a trusted source of discovery and adventure in the natural world through fly fishing, wingshooting and our connection with dogs. A purpose-led company, Orvis commits 5% of pretax profits each year to ensuring the sustainable future of fly fishing, wingshooting, and the natural world for future generations. To learn more visit Orvis.com.

Media Contact: Kelsey Bardach, kelsey.bardach@rygr.us