Video Stories

ORVIS presents short stories inspired by adventure and wonder in the outdoor world.

ORVIS Presents: From Romi With Love

For Romi Perkins, turning the hunt into an extraordinary meal was an art form. For Charley Perkins, learning that art of the game dinner from his grandmother was more than a lesson on cuisine, it was a lesson on life, love and family.

Yeti and Orvis Present: Andy

Reknowned photographer Andy Anderson has lived a life of passion, traveling the world to shoot outdoor adventures including fly fishing and wingshooting. He shares his thoughts and philosophies about the art form to which he has dedicated his life.

ORVIS Presents: Of the West

Meet Jillian Lukiwski (aka @TheNoisyPlume) - silversmith, writer, hunter, fly fisher, photographer, and Orvis ambassador. Her pursuit of a creative life in the studio and the field inspires us every day.

ORVIS Presents: Toe to Toe

If you think fly fishing is a tough sport, meet Marty Loudder– associate dean and professor at Texas A&M. With the help of Chris Taylor, of Fishheads of the San Juan, Marty has figured out a way to have a blast on the water despite some obstacles.

ORVIS Presents: For the Love of Luck - An Orvis Dogs Story

Some dogs are special — the way they soldier through the ups and downs, bring tail-thumping optimism to our day, how they make us better people. As Nancy Mackinnon describes, “It’s an amazing experience to go through a lifetime with a dog.”

ORVIS Presents: UPLANDER - An Upland Hunting Love Story.

“When you first get into bird hunting it's all about getting the bird. Then you start enjoying the habitat and scenery, how the dogs are working. Then it’s the sharing with other people. That's when it all comes together.” - Dave Perkins of Orvis

ORVIS Presents: My Dad

Our Dads are awesome. They inspire us and encourage us to chase our dreams. They stop what they’re doing to put us first. They bring the fun and make every day a new adventure. Our Dads show us what it means to love the natural world around us.

ORVIS Presents: Saved By Axe

Named for a fallen Navy Seal, Axe is a service dog trained to help a U.S. war veteran stay calm in the face of his PTSD symptoms. Chad and Axe are inseparable—everywhere they go—and their connection is built on trust.